Your Social Media Foundation

Hopefully, after reading the above articles, you realize the need for social media and you commit to consistency. Building and maintaining your community is an ongoing effort. Make it worth your while by making sure that your foundation is in place. Here are steps for building a solid social media foundation.

Your Graphic. Each social media site should have an image, preferably one with your logo too, that is interesting and clear. Don’t use a low resolution image that’s out of focus. Instead, choose one, or have one created that represents the professionalism of your business.

Describe What You Do. It’s not always clear. Sometimes we visit sites and they don’t really explain what the company does. Avoid “buzzwords.” “Cloud Consultants” really doesn’t tell me anything. Instead, use words that will make it clear to me how you can help my business.

Be Correct And Consistent. Sometimes I look up a company and I get links to several sites. That’s great, except they all have different hours, or even different addresses. Be sure all of your sites have the correct information.

Extend Your Reach. The more keywords you use in descriptions, the more you increase your search engine optimization.

Be Active. It doesn’t look good to see a site where the most recent post was in 2015. I start to wonder if you are still in business! Or maybe you’re just not very innovative. Neither of these thoughts will help you get more prospects.

If you need help with social media, give us a call at 301-467-2501. We can help you with strategy and everyday posting.

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