Website Strategy

A good number of our clients come to us needing a website. They might have one now, but they realize it looks old and doesn’t work for them anymore. It’s important to know that your website isn’t just about how it looks. There is so much more to building a website.

  • How’s the navigation on your website? People aren’t very patient anymore. If you make them work to get through your site, or if you’re confusing them, they’ll go somewhere else.
  • What’s your site look like on a phone or tablet? If your site was designed for a desktop monitor, chances are your customers have to “pinch out,” in order to see the menu. A few years ago they might have taken the time. Not anymore. A quick look at your competitor’s site – one that’s mobile optimized – and they forget you even exist!
  • How is your site designed? Your site should be built on an application that helps you manage the content. These are called CMS systems. They include applications such as WordPress, SquareSpace Joomla, Magento or Drupal. Very often, our customers come to us having built a website using template tools such as GoDaddy,, Weebly, 1&1, or a myriad of other applications designed for a certain industry. These may be fine for starter companies, but eventually they won’t work. You won’t be able to extend the site and keep your navigation logical. But even more importantly, they rarely include the SEO you need to get noticed.
  • Is your site is SEO optimized? When we ask this question, we usually get a positive response. But when we check, using various applications, we find that page descriptions and headers are missing. This data is coded into the site and if it’s missing, or it’s not descriptive of the content or the information is repetitive, search engines are not gathering the information they need.
  • Do you have a blog? A research report from HubSpot indicated that B2B companies that included a blog on their website generated 67% more leads. For more on blogging, read our next article on Why Should I Blog?

If you are interested in discussing your online strategy, give us a call at 301-467-2501. We can help you understand what’s missing. And we can help you develop a plan that will bring you new customers and new revenue.


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