The Right Time To Discuss SEO

How about now! SEO is possible and necessary for all businesses. And it’s finally reached a point where it’s no longer difficult. To understand how SEO affects your business, find an SEO expert who is knowledgeable – someone who can answer your questions in plain english!

It all stems around Google’s algorithm, which admittedly, is complex. Outside of Google, I don’t think anyone knows exactly how it works. While there’s a lot to know about search engine optimization, it starts with just two things:

  1. As the business owner, you need to be seen as an authority on a subject, and
  2. You have to publish information that provides value.

You can accomplish both of the above on your website. Your content needs to be strong, focused and compelling. Include important words and phrases, but write naturally. If you can write as if you are having a conversation with the reader, you’re golden. And if your website does not include a blog, add one.

I’d prefer that my clients write a blog every other week. Once a week is even better. But if all you can commit to now is once a month, that works too. The key is consistency. Surprisingly, most of the people I talk to can think of lots of things to talk about. The trouble usually lies in how long it takes them to write the article. Keep this in mind – your reader is not looking for the next great novel, nor are they going to pass judgment on your writing style. If your article sounds like you are talking to them, that’s perfect. Don’t try to perfect it. If the very thought of writing an article gives you writer’s block, then hire someone to do it for you. Give them bullet points and let them write the article. After you’ve gone back and forth with your writer a few times, it will be easy.

Obviously, SEO revolves around your website. So if you are talking to someone now about developing a website for you, make sure that it includes SEO. Besides good content, the titles and page descriptions should include key words. Most website applications make it easy to optimize your titles, but your developer should be able to do that too.

The basics of SEO revolves around content. Read our Primer on SEO for more information. 

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