The Law of Averages

Marketing works on the simple premise that the more prospects and customers you reach with valuable content, the more likely you’ll get more business. So a well-thought-out communications strategy is important to filling the sales funnel with qualified leads that turn into business.

Marketing works for any kind of business regardless of pricing, competition or industry. A successful marketing strategy includes an important ingredient – consistency. So put those two pieces together – consistency and valuable content – and your marketing campaign will result in qualified leads that you can convert into customers.

Being remembered. I’m sure you’ve had those days, when you get into work, you’re busy all day, and at the end of the day you realize that the ONE thing you planned on doing that day – didn’t get done. We are all so busy. We want to move forward on projects but often we find ourselves going in unintended directions! That’s why consistent communication often turns a prospect into a customer. When we provide valuable content on a regular basis, we’re reminding prospects of our services. It’s more likely they’ll make the call to get started!

Where do I find content? You have expertise. It’s your job to communicate that expertise to prospects. There are lots of ways you can do this, for example:

  • FAQs. Think about the questions that people always ask you. If one person asks the question, chances are others want the answer too. So create FAQs to post online, on social media or in newsletters.
  • TIPS. What kind of tips can you give your clients that will demonstrate your expertise? As a marketing expert I can provide tips for posting, tips for putting together a better postcard mailing, tips for adding content to your website. . .and so on. Think about what information you can pass on.
  • ARTICLES. Any articles you write are perfect to send to customers. You can give the link to the article by email. You can offer it up on the website in exchange for an email address. Demonstrate your value by providing articles on your blog.
  • 3rd PARTY ARTICLES. A good article, written by someone else, is great content to send to your prospects and customers. You want to be the resource for your clients – give them links to articles you’ve found online.
  • CASE STUDIES. Your case study need not be formal. Just talk about a recent customer and what you did to solve his/her problem. You don’t need to mention names. Your customer just wants to know how you’ve worked with others.

If you are serious about growing your business, design a campaign where you are reaching out to your customers and prospects on a monthly basis. Constant communication will result in more business.

Need help? Give us a call. We’ll sit down with you and design a campaign for the next 12 months!

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