The Advantages of Selling a Service

If you are selling a service, rather than a product, you have an advantage. Here’s why.

When you’re selling a service, your expertise in that field is vitally important to the consumer. Think about it. You don’t want to go to a dentist unless you know something about him or her. Same thing with a doctor. You want to feel as though the doctor is an expert in the field – and someone you can relate to. As a service provider, you just need to communicate to your clients and prospects so that they can recognize your expertise and make a decision to hire you.

There are several ways you can demonstrate your expertise to your prospect list. Here are some ideas.

  1. Give your clients a tip every month – educate them rather than promote yourself. You can do this through your blog or through some type of e-communication. It should be short and sweet. But by providing a tidbit of information each month, your prospects are more interested in what you have to say. Over time, they will recognize your value and give you a call.
  2. Make sure your tips end up on your website. Updating your web pages helps increase your search engine results. And your tips may appeal to a prospect who has not yet contacted you.
  3. Don’t forget your present clients – they are your best source for new business – either because they expand on the services they presently purchase from you, or because they are your best source for referrals.
  4. Consider adding public relations to your marketing mix. Very often I hear from editors who are writing an article and need information, or at least a quote, from an expert. I’ll hook these editors up with my PR clients. The result is a quote and mention in a key publication. Sometimes the editor will even request a follow-up article. Whenever your name and company are mentioned by a third party, your expertise is validated in the eyes of the consumer.
  5. There are so many other ways your expertise can bring you clients. At networking events, people want to hear your opinion. At tradeshows, you can often put on a seminar and attract new clients. And local organizations often need a speaker with your credentials. The list goes on.

Whether you are an insurance agent, financial planner, in the medical field or healthcare consultant, be sure you market your expertise to grow your business.

The last 15 years I was in the corporate world, I helped companies market various services – mostly insurance or financial services. Today, I help therapists, acupuncturists, insurance agents and financial planners get noticed. If you are interested in marketing your services, give me a call at 301-467-2501. Mary

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