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What Marketing Means To Small Businesses

Customers DRIVE the sale. So whether or not you get new customers often depends on your marketing. Our philosophy at Make It Count Marketing is to make it easier for small businesses to market their services and/or products. Ten years ago, if a small business consulted a marketing firm, chances are they would get mired in discussions on branding and logos. No doubt, branding is important. But most small businesses just need new business. . .NOW. And spending months on re-branding or designing a new logo won’t help bring in the business immediately.  Read More...

Do It Yourself Marketing

I get it. When you own your own business you really do all the work. You have to. It’s the only way a small business grows big enough to do some hiring. I do the same thing. I don’t hire a bookkeeper. I have a great system in Excel. I don’t have my own lawyer either – I write my own contracts using online sources. But I DO pay for advice from experts. My accountant reviews my system quarterly. She goes over my taxes and investments with me. I consult a lawyer when I’m about to sign a contract. I get advice from experts – advice that saves me time, energy, money and pain.

So why is Marketing different?
We find that small businesses often do their own marketing. They put together their own presentations. They write their own fact sheets. They create the content for sales sheets and promotional flyers that go out to prospects and customers. But rarely do they consult with a marketing professional. When we DO start working with a business that we’ve been talking to, we hear the same remarks. These companies rave about the copy we write. They thank us for giving them advice on where to advertise. We explain the difference between a leader board and a banner ad. We help them understand terms such as costs per impression and rotational advertising. By investing in a little bit of consulting time, we give them advice that saves them time and money. We help them get results from their efforts.

Marketing professionals make sure you do it right.
They make sure you are getting the best possible results for the time and energy you’ve spent on your project. If you are creating content for your website, planning an email campaign, giving a workshop or introducing a new product or service, call a marketing professional. Ask for some consulting time. Let someone trained in marketing review what you’ve done. Ask for their advice. The time and money you spend talking with them will pay for itself many times over. This time, you’ll get results. Read More...