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Pricing for Internet Marketing, Social Media & Other Services

How does our pricing work? You have several options.

  • Choose one of our packages below. You’ll get a variety of marketing services at a reduced rate.
  • Or you can decide to use our services for a few hours every month. Need an hour a week? We can do that. A couple of hours a month to meet with you and keep your internet marketing consistent? We can do that too.
  • And finally, if you want a price on a particular project – a revised website for example – we can provide that too.

Services designed as packages offer the best value

  • Email Marketing Package – Editorial calendar, Blog content and Email marketing in one package
  • Social Business Package – Email marketing, PR and Social Media in one package
  • Business in a Box – Website development, SEO, professionally written content, Social Media in one package. You choose the level of sophistication you need.

Service and Price List – a complete list of our talents and pricing are provided on this sheet. Call us to discuss your project.