What Marketing Means To Small Businesses

Customers DRIVE the sale. So whether or not you get new customers often depends on your marketing. Our philosophy at Make It Count Marketing is to make it easier for small businesses to market their services and/or products. Ten years ago, if a small business consulted a marketing firm, chances are they would get mired in discussions on branding and logos. No doubt, branding is important. But most small businesses just need new business. . .NOW. And spending months on re-branding or designing a new logo won’t help bring in the business immediately. 

Start with basics. Instead, we want to know who your customers are, what you are doing now, if anything, to market your business, and what you are trying to achieve. Once we’ve had that discussion, we suggest ways to market your business. 

Getting results. When we start marketing a small business, they get results. Letters go out and they get a call. Emails are sent and prospects respond. Coupons are designed and packaged and services are scheduled. Each successful initiative results in an excited call to us. “What else can we do?” they say. We get as excited as they do!

Why does a small business have immediate results?
Usually it’s all about exposure, consistent marketing and referrals. Exposure makes people aware of the business. And consistent marketing reminds your clients and prospects about your products and services. While we can’t be sure, we think it’s a sign of the times that people want to work with smaller companies – companies that treat them like important customers. We want to know that when we give a project to a company, we’ll get the results we expect. And in the process it’s nice to be treated with care. Once you get that reputation, more referrals come your way. Marketing proves how important it is to tell potential clients about your business.

Consistency works because you never know when a company will need what you are selling. When someone needs a carpet cleaned and that’s your business, your name will be on their mind if you’ve been marketing consistently. And if your name is on their mind, you are probably going to get a call. It works the same for insurance agents, financial planners and delivery services. It’s the law of averages. The more people you reach and the more often you reach them, the more customers you get.

They come easy once your customer base starts growing. People like to recommend someone they’ve used. It makes them feel important. And it seems to us that people want to work with local firms. If they can help a local business do well and thrive, it makes them feel good. They are, in some small way, contributing to the community.

Marketing can be cost-effective.
If you are a small business, struggling for customers and trying to keep up with the competition, consider adding marketing. It does not have to be expensive. It can start with one small project. And little by little, you can add others. Marketing can be adjusted to your budget. And you can still have great success. So, when will you get started?

If you are a small business waiting to market your services, give Make It Count Marketing a call at 301-467-2501. Let us design a strategy for you and then you can decide how much you want to spend.

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