Are You Discouraging Growth?

running man and country road forkIf you are the owner, president or CEO of your company, you may be the reason your business is not growing. It’s not about budget, or having the time, it’s about the failure of the person at the top to make a decision.

In many cases, management seeks perfection. In truth, the key to marketing initiatives is NOT trying to perfect them. OK, I know you want to look professional. The grammar and spelling should be correct. But trying to perfect every word, or trying to address every circumstance, is a waste of time. If you fail to promote your product or service in a timely manner, your competitors will take customers from you.

Instead, market quickly and consistently. Every day that your marketing initiative sits on your desk, waiting to be approved, you are losing business. It’s a simple as that.

No marketing initiative will help your business if it doesn’t get out the door. If you are perfecting every blog article, or going through every word on every web page – for the 3rd or 4th time – you are causing the marketing machine to stop dead in its tracks. And that’s not going to get you business.

Step away from the initiative. Assign the task to someone else. Get your marketing started. You can tweak it later and reuse it.

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