Four Reasons Why Social Media Is Important To Your Business

Our business is Small Business. We network with small businesses, our clients are small businesses and our marketing approach is aimed at small businesses. Many of our clients and prospects are either unsure about the value of Social Media or don’t feel they have the time for Social Media. Here are four reasons why you should take it seriously.

  1. Build Relationships. We used to consider social media as a tool. It was one of the ways we could market to our audience. But it has evolved into a necessary addition to every marketing initiative. Instead of thinking of social media as something you have to do, leverage social media to work FOR you. Use social media to help you build relationships. Social media is a sort of networking tool “in the cloud.” You connect with a prospect, (or they connect with you), you begin a relationship with a customer and your activity on social media helps you deepen that relationship. Your prospects “see” you, “hear” what you have to say and they remember you. But for Social Marketing to be successful, you must build a community of followers on each site.
  2. Listen. Social media should be a two way conversation. Listen to your clients. And if you’re clients are using social media, find “like” clients that are using it. And then listen to them. If I have a client that is a law firm and they are not using social media, I find one that is. And then I see how they are using it and what they are saying. I learn a lot.
  3. Promote content. How many times have you heard someone say – “No one reads anymore!” or “Whatever I write, it has to be in bullets.” Both statements have a lot of truth in them. So you can put an article on your blog, build a great webpage explaining how your service is different from your competitors or take the time to research and write a terrific white paper. But somehow, somewhere, you have to get people to read it. And social media is a great place to start. By pulling statements out from your content and posting these on various social media sites, you entice your viewers. The cardinal rule: you content must have value.
  4. Influence buyers. Clients and prospects drive our sales. The sooner you realize that you are no longer in control, the better you will be. Your prospects can be anonymous for months – researching information and comparing you with your competitors – even while you are completely oblivious! Only by getting to know your potential customers and providing content that has value will you be able to influence others. When you show value, they’ll get in touch.

Still not sure? Do you think it will take too long? Start with a strategy in mind. Give us a call at Make It Count Marketing and we can help you develop a successful social media strategy.

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