Follow These Simple Social Media Rules

Social media resized (1)Don’t color outside the lines. Remember that? Less true today, but there are a few rules you need to follow when you begin social media. It’s sort of like email – you can’t see someone’s face when you’re reading their post, nor do you get any body language clues – but you don’t want to be misunderstood. Take these rules into consideration.

  1. What’s your purpose? Nurturing your clients? Getting to know new prospects? Making immediate sales? Depending on your purpose, your strategy changes.
  2. Keep it simple and loose. What I mean is, it doesn’t always have to be a serious subject. Have a little fun too – your want to be likeable.
  3. Social media by itself may not be effective. Instead, think of social media as supporting your grander plans.
  4. Content, content, content. If you bring value, people will notice.
  5. Don’t just post, post, post, but listen too. And re-post, re-tweet to share ideas and content.
  6. Don’t forget your call to action. Tell followers what you want them to do – sign up for a seminar, download a white paper, come to a function, or some other action.
  7. Share content that other’s post. The more you share, the more likely your message will be heard.

Need some help creating an effective social media strategy? A good tactic to take is to create an editorial calendar – here’s how. Or give us a call at 301-467-2501 to help you get going.

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