Communicating Your Effective Message

photodune-4870507-communication--xs(1)You have a target message, now you have to make sure people get it. Unless your prospect sees your message, and remembers it, your message will fall flat. So find a way to make sure that the way you communicate your message is also different. Focus on these key points.

  • Solution. Right off the bat, talk about the problem you solve. You’ll get noticed.
  • Target Market. The more focused you are, the more likely you’ll hit your target. It’s like sending out 5000 postcards or sending out 25 to people who need your product.
  • Attention-getting Headlines. The one I’ve heard mentioned often: “What the Government Won’t Tell You About Terrorism.” Here are other examples of titles I’ve used for marketing: “50 Shades of Grey” – this was an article on perfection. “Have you seen Moneyball?” was about surprising your prospects and “The #1 Marketing Tool,” the editorial calendar.
  • Crystal Clear Message. Keep it simple. Don’t bore your audience.
  • Use an Xtreme Marketing Message. I like messages like, “How to run your company into the ground in 10 days;” “How to grow sales by 10%.” Think about it, if you’re an architect, you could say something like: “How to increase your workable space by 10% without adding on.” And a financial planner might try something like “Grow your personal finances by 5% without adding money to your retirement.” Make it real. Make it truthful. But grab attention.
  • You need a hook! Give something away. A white paper. A copy of your book. Consultative time. $5 Starbucks card. Something.
  • Do something unexpected. Send odd shapes. Metallic envelopes. Be creative. I once read where the Austrian symphony needed better attendance, so they started playing for free in the subways! A wine distributor introducing French wines sent passports!
  • What’s in it for the prospect? Make it as direct as possible. Sometimes the simplest thing gets noticed. Recently, I heard a radio advertisement that got my attention. It was a car manufacturer advertising a place to put the phone, and charge it, under the dashboard. Remember the hotel chain that advertises it’s Heavenly Bed?

Think differently. Act differently. Have some fun. People will notice.

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