Care and Feeding of Websites

Really, websites do need some care and feeding – especially if you want them to last a while. We often talk to clients and review their websites with them, only to find that much of the information is no longer appropriate. A site can go stale pretty quickly, which then leads to a site that doesn’t work anymore.

How often do I need a new website? Designs change with time – which means that most companies need a new site every 4-5 years. Technology changes, which enables more features and provides a more pleasing experience for your viewers. But even without a complete redesign, there are things you can do with your website that will update it and provide a pleasant experience for interested prospects.

Update your graphics. Whether you have a sliding banner or permanent photos on the site, your developer can replace these fairly easily. New photos and maybe new colors here and there will help give your site a whole new look.

Revise your content. Pay particular attention to your products/services pages. If you no longer provide a service, or carry certain products, rewrite those pages. Better yet, hire a writer to revise them for you. A good marketing writer will write copy that is more persuasive.

Appealing Home page. New website design usually includes longer home pages. By giving information on a home page that visitors can scroll through, you can tell your story more effectively. Start with what you do and how you are different from your competitors. Then create a section on your services or products. Talk about your team next – giving some information about your particular expertise. And finally, create an area where visitors can contact you or subscribe to your newsletter. Each section on the home page can be illustrated with photos, which helps to break up the copy and creates a visually appealing site for your visitors.

Add a blog. If your site doesn’t have a blog, add one. When you create articles for your blog, your prospects get to know you. They learn how you think. They recognize your expertise. A blog is a great way to stand out from your competitors because you can demonstrate your knowledge. Make the articles short and conversational. How often should you blog? Adding a couple of articles a month is good.

If your website needs help, give us a call at 301-467-2501. We’ll be happy to review it for you and give you some honest feedback.

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