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Web Development & Social Media Marketing

Basic Setup
The Basic, Startup site launches your business online and implements 2 social media sites – ready for your postings.

$ 3628
Our Extended website sets the stage for your business to communicate with clients and prospects by incorporating a blog and providing setup and optimization of 3 social media sites. This site assumes that the business will then have someone to blog and post to social media sites on a consistent basis.

$ 4174
The Informative website demonstrates for a business exactly how to implement communication channels with its clients and prospects by including 3 blog articles and weekly social media postings for 3 months. After three months, the business should be able to continue adding blog articles monthly and providing frequent posts to your social media sites.
$ 5325
Our Engaging website increases content creation for the blog and social media sites (for 6 months). By creating an active blog and posting frequently on your social media sites, your business attracts prospective clients and encourages engagement with clients and prospects. After 6 months, the business takes over the blog writing and social media posting.
$ 7412
Finally, the Converter site actively engages your prospects and clients. Once your website is launched, we continue to generate content for your blog and social media sites for 12 months. The addition of Facebook advertising creates new leads for your business. The result is a consistent communication strategy with prospects and clients, turning leads into business.
$ 11592
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