Your Business Needs Video

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Why do you need a video? Research shows that you have just 10 seconds to capture a viewer’s attention! And according to research conducted by RocketSpark, a global web design firm, video has tremendous power in Improving Engagement, Increasing Trust, and Improving Search Rankings (SEO). You can read the entire article online.

But don’t take our word for it. Psychologist Susan Weinschenck’s article on 4 Reasons Why Online Video Is Compelling and Persuasive, may be enough to convince you. She identified four reasons why we’re suckers for video:

  1. We’re hard-wired to pay attention to faces;
  2. Information is conveyed through tone of voice;
  3. We “catch” emotions off others; and
  4. Movement grabs and holds our attention.

As it turns out, video not only improves engagement, but it helps memory, too. Retention rate for visual information is up to 65% versus just 10% for textual information.

Professional? Or DIY? Here’s a short video that clearly illustrates why you should have a video professionally produced rather than filming it yourself.

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