Why Should I Blog?

photodune-4596326-blog-xsAs I’m sitting with my customer, and discussing the navigation for their new website, I always suggest that they add a blog. It’s interesting to see their faces . . . and their reactions. I almost always hear, “Who’s going to read my blog?” It’s hard for them to imagine their clients or prospects coming to the site to see what they’ve written that month!

It is hard to imagine because it doesn’t exactly happen that way. Your prospective customers will get to your blog, but only if you’ve promoted it! It’s what you DO with your blog that brings traffic to your website, establishes your authority and converts web traffic to leads.

Here’s how it works.

Your expertise. Every business and organization has expertise. It’s this knowledge and experience that your prospective clients are seeking when they take an interest in your services. So “showing off” a little bit with information that’s in your blog articles helps convince prospects that they want to do business with you! You demonstrate your expertise and your authority on the subject by providing tips, ideas or stories – all of which are powerful persuasive tools.

Adding content to your website. I hope your blog is part of your website. If so, every time you add an article on your blog, you’re adding new content on your site. And when you add content, you enhance your search engine optimization – in other words, Google finds the new page and gives your site a higher ranking. Hopefully, your blog article includes a few key words that prospective clients might use to search for your capabilities. As search engines crawl the internet, the new content will cause your site to be re-indexed – increasing your chances of being found through searches.

Promote your blog. Once your article is written and approved, post it on your blog. And then promote it. If you distribute an email newsletter, send the first portion of your blog – maybe the first paragraph or two – in your next newsletter. After that first paragraph, add READ MORE. Then take the reader to the rest of the article on your site. So now you’ve accomplished 3 things.

  • First, you’ve taken the reader up to your website, where they can read more about your services. You are driving traffic to your site!
  • Secondly, you’ve PUSHED marketing to your prospects and clients. This is how people will discover your blog and realize your expertise. If they are already familiar with your business, maybe they will discover other services you offer that they were not aware of.
  • And finally, you’ve given yourself a way to measure the success of your article. Once your newsletter has been distributed, you can see how many people clicked through to your website to read the entire article. Over a period of months, you will start to see what topics get the most attention. These are the topics you want to write about more often.

Need help getting started? We can show you how to get started with a blog and how to create content that your clients will find interesting. Give us a call at 301-367-2501.

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