Test Your Skills

I found this article on Young Upstarts (www.youngupstarts.com) and immediately posted it to my social media sites. At least for me, this article rings true. The article, was posted by Lewis Robinson – I definitely want to give him credit.

In a nutshell, he names 7 skills that successful entrepreneurs need to cultivate. Here they are:

  • Collaboration – you can’t possibly know it all, or do it all. Collaboration actually raises your revenue.
  • Presentation – Are you persuasive and passionate when you pitch your vision?
  • Communication – I’ve built my business on writing content, so who am I to argue this one?
  • Networking – it’s not always about finding customers, it’s about finding resources as well.
  • Stress management – Need I say more? Refer to the other article in this newsletter: “HARO on Business.”
  • Resilience – Persistence and determination are key to your success. And finally,
  • Time Management – Finding time means structuring your life.

Maybe at the beginning of every year we should look at these 7 skills and ask ourselves where we need to step up our game!

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