Social Media – Where Do You Start?

If your budget is tight and you need more business, target new customers through social media. Many of our clients aren’t sure where to start. Here’s a run down of the top three sites. If you’re just starting your social media campaign now, begin with one, or all three, of these sites.

How do you decide which social media site to use? This is a question that I get asked often by small businesses. My answer is, it depends. (Yeah, don’t you love it when someone gives you that answer?) But seriously, I think you first have to decide what it is that you want to accomplish. Your answer will determine which site is best for you. Here’s what I tell my clients.

Each site is slightly different.

  • Twitter gives me a synopsis of the news and industries.
  • Facebook is more familiar and appeals to consumers. It’s also good for posting graphics.
  • LinkedIn is targeted more for B2B business. It happens to be my favorite.

Twitter. So why would I want a synopsis of news? I can log on to Twitter, scroll down the page and quickly review what’s happening in the world I like to follow. For me, that’s companies like Fast Company magazine, iMedia, HubSpot, Forrester Research and Mashable. I can follow people on Twitter too, so I get posts from Guy Kawasaki, Vince Koehler and others. It’s a great way to keep up with what’s happening in your industry – so you stay current. Twitter is also great if you want exposure, since editors, publishers and journalists use Twitter frequently. If your business appeals to the entertainment world, Twitter is a good decision for you. The younger crowd uses Twitter a lot – so if they are a target market for your products or services, consider adding a twitter account.

Facebook. This site is easy, less structured and friendly. So post accordingly. That doesn’t mean you’re social media strategy is frivolous. I post links to articles I like, blogs I’ve written, pictures I like – anything that I think people will find as interesting as I do. Facebook is a great place to post events, presentations you are giving or interesting companies you are working with. Post pictures of your events too. If you are trying to get more Likes on Facebook, plan a promotion, contest, survey – something that will bring people to the site. In my case, I’m not too concerned about Fans or Likes – I’m more interested in sharing information.

LinkedIn. Since my business is strictly B2B, I love this site. Why? It’s professional. It’s informative. I can tell people what’s happening in my business, what I’ve posted recently and where I will be speaking. I can even post my presentation afterwards. If I know a conference is coming up that is very good, I can let people know. I also post other articles I’ve read that are helpful. And I’ll compliment a job well done.

Though I’m in business on my own with a virtual network of contractors, this is a site I can use to find experts when I need them. I can ask questions and share stories. It’s a little bit like having a direct line to mentors! If I’m trying to get in touch with a particular company, I can see who I know that’s working there. This site is a treasure trove of information. If you haven’t used LinkedIn to its fullest extent, this is where I would start. There are lots of videos on YouTube to help you along. Look for the most current ones first.

Need help? Seriously, that’s what a good marketing person is for. We’ll talk with you about your clients, prospects and plans and help you develop a social media strategy that works. A strategy that will bring you business!

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