Sharing Your Blog

photodune-3702898-blog-xsOnce you’ve written an article for your blog, you should share it on various social media sites. Write an introductory sentence and then give your followers the link to your article. When you take this step, you’re promoting your website and even more importantly, you may be influencing someone who is not familiar with your expertise. Our social media followers may not necessarily be on our email distribution list, so when you post, you end up reaching more people. You are engaging your readers and nurturing your leads!

Extend your reach. There are even more ways to share your blog and reach people outside of your current network. Here are some examples:

  • LinkedIn. This site now makes it possible for anyone to share an article. When you go into LinkedIn, you see “Share an update, Upload a photo and Write an article”. It’s this third option, “Write an article” that you want to select. LinkedIn will take you to a page where you can copy and paste your blog article and publish it. Here is another audience that will get to know you and another example of engagement.
  • Resource of information. Once you start blogging, you’ll realize how much information you’ve published. Now use it to answer questions. If you get an email and someone wants to know how service your clients, answer them. And then give them the link to one or two of your articles. Not only will they get the real story, but again, you give them the opportunity to learn more about your business when they visit your site.

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