No Excuses

Too much work tired stressed young woman sitting at her desk with books in front laptop computer isolated grey wall office background. Busy college schedule burnout workplace sleep deprivation conceptWhile talking to a prospect this week, she said she just doesn’t have time to network, post on social media or write a blog. She’s too busy doing her job! If YOU don’t have time, who does? How will you find clients? And even more important, how will clients find you?

The solution to the problem is often a website. Certainly a website is important to any business. It’s your hub. But then what. Build it and they will come? Hardly. People have to find you – and like it or not, that’s your job – to bring people to your site!

Too many hats? As an entrepreneur, we’d all like to focus on our specialty. It would be nice not to have the distractions of finances, accounting, networking and marketing. But it’s up to the business to find ways to do all of these things. You can be personally responsible for each of these tasks, or you can outsource them. But one way or another, you need to make sure someone is focusing on each of these areas.

Marketing in the past. It’s funny. As my prospect talked, I thought back to how we used to market our services. Companies used to create postcards and brochures, print thousands of copies, buy lists, and mail these out to prospective buyers – all the while “hoping” they landed on the right desk at the right time. It was expensive, time consuming and the return on investment was poor.

The Digital Age. Now, you can communicate with people who are interested in your services, educate them as to your value, and remind them monthly that you are there when they need you. Start with a website, but then support it with social media, blogging and email marketing. It’s easy and affordable.

What’s your excuse for not marketing?

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