Marketing Professional Services

Support concept icon flat design. Business communication, internet service, computer and phone chat management, contact and connection, professional help and feedback illustration on whiteIf you provide a professional service, your marketing should be different. And it may even be easier. Why do I say that? Because as a professional, you have expertise that your clients want. Whether that’s hair styling advice, cleaning tips, car maintenance suggestions, financial advice, insurance solutions, architectural know-how, accounting help, legal advice or healthcare, your prospects are interested in what you know.

The answer then, is to market your expertise. How do you do that? Give them information. Don’t preach, but rather nurture your prospects. Give them ideas. Suggest ways that they can improve – improve their financial situation, improve their home environment, improve their health – whatever expertise you have, share it.

The content. Think about what you’re sharing. Is it written in plain language? If you start talking about annuities and IRAs, you’ve lost your audience. YOU may understand those words, but people who need your services may not. And don’t worry about providing depth. You’re not teaching your prospects how to be a financial planner, you’re just giving them tips.

When I talk to law firms about writing blog articles for them, they often ask, “How can you write my content, you haven’t been to law school?” If I need law school to write your content, you’re not writing to your prospects! Think about the questions you’re asked on a daily basis; this information makes wonderful marketing content.

Share your ideas. Your website should have a blog. This is where you publish your articles. And then use these articles for 2 things: Email marketing and Social Media. Sharing your ideas through social media will bring you prospects. And by adding prospects and customers to your email marketing list, you’ll keep your name in front of your audience month after month. When it’s time for your prospect to engage your services, they’ll know where to find you.

Develop a personal brand. If I’m looking for a professional service, I should be able to find you on LinkedIn and learn a little more about you. If you’re not there, or if your profile is lacking conviction, your prospect can find others that will answer his questions. Need more help marketing your professional services? Give us a call at 301-467-2501.

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