Focus On Your Plan

Businesses are often overwhelmed when it comes to marketing. There are so many ways that we can market to our customers that sometimes it’s difficult to decide where to start. Should we create a full website, or will a landing page work for us? Should we start with social media or a blog? LinkedIn or Facebook? There are many ways you can market your business regardless of your budget. You just need a plan.

Your Strategy – Simplified. We have the perfect tool to get started. It’s an editorial calendar. Your calendar should be based on providing 12 months of information. In this calendar, you create content that provides your clients with the key messages you want them to remember. A calendar helps you stay focused. The content can be used for all of your marketing initiatives – website, blog articles and social media. A calendar will keep your marketing efforts consistent.

Developing your calendar. To create the calendar, think about how your service is affected by the seasons and months of the year. Plan topics accordingly. Include conventions, meetings or conferences that you will be attending. By including the events, you’ll remember to promote them. Add other service or product announcements in the appropriate months of the year. For those businesses that aren’t seasonal, add topics monthly that will create a wholistic view of your company by the end of the year. Think about what information you can distribute each month that will show value your customers. Can you provide tips to your customers? Good tips can sometimes make your readers understand that they need your services!

Content Strategy. Ninety (90%) of your marketing content should be educational or informational. Only 10% should be promotional.

How To Use The Editorial Calendar. Use the calendar for all your marketing initiatives. For example, if you distribute letters to clients or prospects, consider using the same content as outlined in the calendar. And if you are active in social media, your posts should match any other messages that you are putting together. Reinforce your marketing by repeating your message throughout the company.

Need help putting together your editorial calendar? Give us a call. We’ll sit down with you and create your content strategy for the year!

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