Email Marketing Works

Vector illustration of email marketing flat design concept.I love email marketing. It’s easy, it’s consistent and it’s effective. Sometimes I have to talk my customers into it, because they’re not quite sure. And sometimes we have to tweak what we’re doing. Is email marketing still effective? You bet. When it’s done right, and consistently, email marketing will bring you new customers in a cost effective manner. Here are some tips for creating an effective email marketing campaign.

How do you do it correctly? Two rules here – create good content and be consistent.

1. How often? For most businesses, I recommend monthly newsletters. More often and it’s too frequent. Less often and you’re not going to be remembered.
2. Your content has to be informative. Think about the questions you get asked when you are talking to a prospect. These are the questions you should answer. Give them tips and advice. Tell them about a problem and how you solved it. When your prospects read your content, they should see themselves. You want them to recognize that you have knowledge and expertise that they need.

The devil is in the details. Paying attention to details is important. For example, consider your subject line. It should give the reader a clue as to what the content is. You might try asking a question every once in a while. Give your article a heading that is appropriate. Sometimes we skim the content – a good heading will make us stop and read. And use graphics and color to lead the reader down the page. It’s up to you to keep them interested. Here’s a good resource with information on successful email marketing.

How much content? Articles that are short and sweet are more likely to be read. Your email marketing can change from month to month too. If you can occasionally provide a tip in a newsletter that is the size of a postcard, your readers will be thrilled!

What about my statistics? Look at them monthly. Try to draw conclusions after you have about 5 months’ worth of data. What articles are they reading? Is there a certain timeframe that seems better for your audience? If your statistics go up, or go down, think about how you’ve changed your enewsletter. Over time, the data you gather will help you improve your newsletter and keep it active. You’ll continue to get new clients as a result.

Need help planning your newsletter campaign? We’ve got lots of ideas that will make it easier for you. Give us a call and let’s talk.

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