Blogging Tips – A Few Ideas To Make Blogging Easier

blog blogger or internet blogging concept with goldfishThere a few things you can do to come up with good content for your blog. And other ideas that will further enhance your brand. Once you get started and decide on a schedule for creating content, you’ll be surprised at how many ideas surface. Here are some to get you started.

  • I keep a spiral bound notebook next to my computer. Every time a caller has a question, I write it down in the notebook. My theory is, if one person has a question, chances are others do too. These questions are perfect content for your blog. One of the objectives of your blog is to demonstrate your expertise. By answering questions, you accomplish that goal.
  • Consider using a photo or illustration with each blog article. A photo attracts more attention. And when you post your blog article on social media, the same photo will show up there as well. There are lots of different websites where photos are free or cost $1. Just make sure you are using the photo legally. My favorite is One more thing, your photo is there as an attention-getter – don’t fret over finding the PERFECT photo.
  • Create categories on you blog. Try to think big picture and create just a few categories. Then, when people come up to your site to read one blog, they may choose a category and read a few more articles. Encourage engagement!
  • Assign key words to every blog article. Think of the 3-4 words that you might use to “label” your article. Assign these key words in your blog application. When someone goes to Google and performs a search, if they’ve used one of your key words, your article just might come up in their search results.

Still not convinced? This is a very informative article from HubSpot on the benefits of blogging. The information will help you understand how blogging helps convert interested parties to customers!

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