Are You Registered on LinkedIn Profinder?

linkedin-logo-square-300x300LinkedIn recently introduced ProFinder nationally. The service covers more than 140 service areas. It was conceived as a result of the growth of the platform – up 50% over the last 5 years – and the need to connect consumers with independent service providers. Any freelance professional with a good profile should register on ProFinder.

What is it? ProFinder connects top freelance professionals with high quality leads.

How does it work? A person makes a request on Profinder and LinkedIn matches the person to someone who provides the expertise needed. When a request is made, LinkedIn will send an email with the request.

How do I answer the request? You respond with a short proposal. Once you do that, the person inquiring will have access to your full profile.

Is there a cost? It appears that the first 10 proposals you send out are free. Once you’ve responded to 10 requests, the cost is $60 per month. There may be some accounts that are grandfathered into the system and will have access to ProFinder without cost.

What kind of services are needed? There is a list of more than 15 service categories, which cover many industries – including website development, IT services, marketing, real estate, accounting, wellness, etc.

How do I register? Click on this link and read more about the service – You can register on this page also.

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