Are These New Technologies For You?

Digital Marketing System Online for the WorldKeeping up with technology is a constant battle. It’s hard enough to fully understand the technology, much less know whether it is appropriate for your company to invest in it. Here’s a list of some of the newest terminology with an explanation to help you understand what it’s all about. In truth, Make It Count Marketing is more of a “tried and true” marketing firm. We’re not about to recommend a certain application or technology for a business, unless we’ve seen proof of its effectiveness. But keeping up with the technology is important to us and important to our clients. Somewhere down the road, when we are talking to clients, we’ll find the perfect need for a particular application.

  • IoT. This is the acronym for Internet of Things. IoT is the combination of devices (things) that provide data to give us important information. I read recently about labels that are printed with a chip inside and attached to an appliance. A good use might be to monitor the usage of a refrigerator for someone who is aged or maybe even suffering from depression. The data will tell us whether the person is going into their refrigerator frequently, for example, indicating an active lifestyle. The IoT is the integration of the things in our physical world to computer based systems. Companies will be able to capture alarms, or alerts, to spot particular issues. With the right application, data can be presented in a dashboard format to inform the user. And the data can be updated in real time. Uses will include data from CRM systems, logistics, and other business systems.
  • E-books. While these aren’t especially new – they’ve been around for decades but in the current formats since early 2000 – more and more companies are using them to provide information to prospects and clients. By creating an eBook with pages that turn as the reader progresses, you engage your audience. More technical information can be explained in a format that seems more user friendly. You book includes a cover – making it more graphically appealing to your audience. You can also use charts and illustrations to explain the content. Added to your website, an eBook can improve your search engine optimization and engage your target market.
  • New or improved social media sites. In 2016 we saw more social media sites grow. Snapchat, Blab, Slack, Periscope and Meerkat. At the same time, we saw improvements to Facebook and LinkedIn that found their way into the news more frequently. It’s now estimated that 65% of adults in the US participate in social media. Few businesses can ignore those numbers and stay vital. Here’s an overview of some of the sites.
    • Blab. This is a video chat app that allows people to interact with an audience in real time. Users create their own talk shows, conduct interviews or simply chat with friends. This app is a powerful way to get to know people and will surely help businesses demonstrate their expertise.
    • Slack. This is a messaging app targeted to the business community for communicating with groups of colleagues. Instead of sending multiple emails around a specific topic, using Slack allows communication and archiving without an overabundance of email.
    • Periscope. Purchased by Twitter, Periscope allows users to share videos in real time. Viewers can replay the videos at will and comment on the video by adding hearts. Think of Periscope as the next step to tweeting.
    • Meerkat. With Meerkat, users can stream live video to other users. Users can share images and videos, but there’s one catch – they disappear after a few seconds.
    • Snapchat. This site has grown rapidly this year and is popular with the younger generation – perhaps because of the fact that pictures and videos disappear rapidly – rather than lasting a lifetime and causing harm later!
    • Facebook. This site has launched several new features in the last year.
      • Messenger Platform. There’s a new messenger platform specifically for businesses. You can connect with customers in different ways, customizing communications to each client.
      • Facebook Live. Create live video experiences on Facebook. You can give tips live and start to build your audience. With video engagement growing daily, providing live video could be your next marketing option. Users can also search and view live clips on various topics.
      • And more. Here’s an article that lists some of Facebook’s new features that are more likely to be used by marketers.
    • LinkedIn. The world’s largest social media network just introduced ProFinder. The idea here is to connect top freelance professionals and service providers to people who need your services. Check this one out and be sure to register your services:

If all of this technology has your head spinning, let us know if you need help marketing your company on social media sites. We can help identify solutions that will result in new business. You can call Make It Count Marketing at 301-467-2501.


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